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"If you are looking for great recipes so you can reliably and easily make delicious, healthy meals, here you are.  Peace in every bite is beautifully done."
--John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, The Food Revolution, and Healthy at 100

                  Peace in Every Bite
     A Vegan Cookbook with Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle
                             By Two Moons, N.D.

This is the ultimate vegan cookbook, containing more than 500 easy to prepare recipes, including international cuisine. Created after nearly forty years of experimentation, this book contains more than just delicious vegan fare. You’ll find helpful charts, tips, inspiring quotes, and numerous sections containing recipes and useful suggestions on living a peaceful, self-sufficient and sustainable way of life; such as sprouting, growing and using herbs, personal care and household cleaning products, solar and wood cooking, home canning, menu planning, wheat free diets, weight control, healthy lifestyles, travel tips, raising healthy children and pets, and much more.

This cookbook is all about having peace in every bite by choosing the healthiest ingredients, eating foods that grow in harmony with nature, and do the least harm to our environment. In the process you’ll be contributing to the health and well-being of our planet, yourself, family and friends, and by eating a vegan diet not be directly or indirectly responsible for harming any animal.

By eliminating unhealthy foods, and by incorporating healthful foods and positive attitudes and actions, well-being can be achieved. Recipes like the chocolate chip cookie, rice pudding and cheesecake, will have you wondering why you ever thought that dairy and eggs were an essential ingredient in any baked good. The veggie loaves, burgers, soups and stir-fries will satisfy any appetite.

Peace In Every Bite offers you the opportunity for good health, and a diet that is more varied and delicious than ever.

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